Happy Birthday to my Favorite Doctor Rose!

When Kristi was 4 years old, she walked to our door, opened it, looked out and said,
"Oh, what a glorious day!"

Since that day a few years, she has been making the world a glorious place for me and lots of other people, as well.

She's bright, fun, happy, kind, thoughtful, strong, good.  I love this RD/MD.

Here's Kristi on the left surprising Jenni by showing up at Jenni's doctoral graduation.

So, Kristi D...thanks for making my world a continually brighter place.

(Also, happy graduation from residency on Friday!)


Lou P. said...

Loni...How are you? Thanks for the sharing the story of Kristi D. at four year old. Wow am I not surprised. She always looks at the brighter side of everything. I hope you and Allen are doing well. What a wonderful post.

Ms. Fish said...

You hit it on the head. She does make the world a brighter place. Love this post!