The Move

She moved from near the Atlantic to the Pacific...and then....

We hauled it inside on the rainiest day of the year in Seattle.

The kitchen when we walked in at 8:00 am.

When most of the boxes to go in the living room were stacked.

Working on the boxes in the small kitchen.

The bedroom before the boxes were stacked here; just the bed so far.

Blankets used to cover the furniture to protect it from the rain - and rain it did!

Making progress, but time out for a little music with the new guitar.

In Virginia, 6 year old Anna helped label the boxes.

Moving is not fun, but if you have some great people to help on both ends, it makes it infinitely better, AND, if a little music is thrown in, it's almost a party.

Thanks for the good time! You know who you are.....

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