Feeling Hungry....

Once again, I find myself trying to lose "just a few more pounds!"

One of my goals is to not eat after 7 at night.

That's a challenge.

Like - every Monday for FHE - we meet at 6, have our meeting, then refreshments.  I'm not usually tempted, but I was last night; crackers, cheese, nuts, fruit, etc.  But it was after 7.

So, I normally go to bed HUNGRY.

During the day, since I'm trying to eat better and less,


It's the new norm.

I don't mean to complain or to compare myself in any way to people in third world countries who are starving....that is not me.

But food surrounds me, and I'm not eating it.

It's so tempting....like last night.

I'll keep trying, even though I don't see results.

In the meantime, I'll chew gum, snack on celery, and read a good book or work on family history.

Good plan.  (Not entirely successful, but worth trying at any rate!)

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