Alaska: Betcha Didn't Know...

1. Alaska is the Number 1 state for retirees. Incredible but true, according to an article in the Senior Voice printed in Alaksa, June 2010.

2. The state of Alaska has no sales tax or state tax - a reason some people move to this state.

3. The highest mountain in North America - Mt. McKinley (or Denali as the locals call it) - is visible only 25-30% of the time! Even if you ride on the tour buses in Denali National Park and get pretty close to the base of this enourmous mountain, you may still not see this amazing peak because of the dense fog that is most often surrounding it. It is supposedly visible from Anchorage, but we have never seen it yet!

4. Sarah Palin's famous glass frames cost $415. And, the company that fit her for them, will actually come to YOUR home to fit you with just the right frames...now, that's service.

5. The people of Alaska are hardy and awesomely friendly. They are really great. And, 99% of them (my made-up statistic based on my random survey) absolutely love living here.

6. And, finally, yes...you did know this. It's very, very beautiful!

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