New Wheel Chair

"'I'm getting a new wheel chair," she said excitedly.

"I should get it next week. It's been twenty years since I got my first chair," she said. " I only used it if I had to go a long way. But, then I got so I couldn't walk at all."

"Will your new one be much different?"

She pointed to the chair, "It will still be bright red," she smiled. "But, it will have leg rests so the backs of my legs have something soft to rest on. I'll be able to raise my feet better on the new one, and of course, it will lay back so I can nap, just like this one does now."

We talked some more about lots of things, including our ward challenge to read the Book of Mormon by the end of August. We were both on Alma 5, and talked about what a powerful chapter it is....time to go.

So she went with me out to the sidewalk...she in her electric wheelchair, MOI on my legs.

"Thank you for coming," she said - as she always does.....

and, in my heart I said, "No, thank you dear Sylvia, for reminding me again and again of your beauty and strength of character. You face each day with such grace and hope and goodness. Oh, you remind me over and over about challenge and faith. Please don't thank me...it is I who always comes away a better person."

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