She's Having a Birthday!

When she was born, the doctor said, "It's a GIRL!"
Oh, I had so badly wanted another girl and so I said, "Are you SURE?"

The doctor assured me it was so.

That little baby girl has brought me so much JOY and happiness over the ensuing years. Because you see, she's almost perfect!

From her earliest years, she was so strong-willed and independent.

She knew what she wanted, and one thing she didn't want was to be dressed all frilly and girly. (I love how now she loves to put on spiky red or black or whatever color shoes with her toenails painted red and be all feminine!)

So, here's to Kristi D....Happy Birthday.. to a very beautiful, talented, smart, thoughtful, good, kind, happy, intelligent, hard-working, nature-loving, fish-catching, bike-riding, scooter-riding, great-cook daughter!


Ms Fish said...

Kristi is definately ALL those things you said. We all lucked out to have her in out family.

KRose said...

Mom and Ms Fish - y'all are so sweet. I sure lucked out to have the great family I do...we didn't choose our fam, but we sure get to choose loving each other - and that I do wholeheartedly!