A Shift in Thinking

The very old man got up and slowly shuffled out of the classroom.

He did this every week about the same time during the late afternoon class.

He was slightly stooped and walked very slowly; each step was a slow dragging of the foot.

Linda leaned over and whispered, "I hope I never walk like that!"

Then, a split second later, she leaned over and said something that I think A LOT!

"I shouldn't say anything; it will likely happen to me!"  She proceeded..."when I was young, I used to laugh at people with the shakes, now I have them!"

I knew exactly wherein she spoke..it seems every time I think something, it happens....

I'll NEVER have a child who behaves like that in church; and then they behave worse!

My child would NEVEr wear his hair like that; and they wear it just like that or even more extreme!

What WERE they thinking?  I would NEVER own a car that color; and the next car we get is precisely that color...

on and on...

So, I got thinking about it...I'm going about this all wrong.  Since whenever I think something, it invariably happens, I've got to start thinking in a DIFFERENT DIRECTION, as thusly:

I hope I NEVER win the lottery; which is a sure-fire guarantee that I WILL win!

I hope I NEVER have to drive a brand new Lexus, which means that sometime this year, I don't know how, but I will be driving a new Lexus!


No grandchild of mine will EVER get a full tuition scholarship to BYU....I won't have it; but based on previous experience of thinking something and having it happen, he WILL get a scholarship.

Just you wait and see; these, and more, will all happen by the end of this year....oh, yes, guaranteed.

So, next year at this time, come visit me in my new home bought with lottery winnings; we'll take a drive to Provo to see my grandson who got a full tuition scholarship to BYU!

Oh, yes, indeed, it's bound to happen - for sure.

1 comment:

Ms. Fish said...

very profound and true!!

so give it a whirl... and let me know when you win the lottery.

I, for one, am very glad that your grandson got a full ride scholarship to BYU :)