Weighty Matters

B lives next door....she is about 75, but looks 85.

She has led a life of hard drinking and smoking until she quit smoking a couple of years ago.

She loves to go to Mesquite to gamble several times a week; win or lose, but mostly lose.

She is about 5' 4".  Her arms are extremely skinny; her legs are very skinny.

Yesterday, her doctor told her to lose weight.  I nearly fainted.  It's true that her belly is just a little big, but whose isn't at 75?

She never eats sweets; her husband does 95% of their cooking; they eat out when they go to Mesquite, and that is about it.  In the summer, they order the fresh fruits basket, so they eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.

Anyway, I'm listening to her swear about how she has to lose weight, and I'm so stunned, it's unreal.

I don't get the whole weight thing.

During the last few years of my mother's life; she ate like a bird; a bite of sandwich, a bit of banana; hardly ANYTHING at all; rarely sweets.  But, she was overweight and stayed that way, even when she was just nibbling at her food.

I mean, something is going on here.

I think it's global warming; that is to blame for all our weight problems.

That's my answer and I'm sticking to it.  (And, it relieves me of personal responsibility in the weight department!)


Lauralee said...

My immediate response to your post was that she might have a tumor that makes her tummy bulge. I wonder if the doctor checked for anything like that. Easy to say "lose weight" without a thorough check-up. Just my opinion.

Laurence Gee said...

It is called the fat shift. All of the fat in your skinny arms and legs shifts to the middle and deposits around your midriff. This begin about the age of sixty and progressively increases until you reach your 90th birthday.