Remembering Elvis' Song on Valentine's Day

There are two occasions when the song


brings incredibly fond memories to me....

However, they were not sung by Elvis, but by RAH.

The first occasion was when I was the librarian at MMS in Rexburg, Idaho.  It was Valentine's Day.  There were a few students in the library that afternoon when RAH walked in the double doors, sat down at one of the tables while I sat at the check-out counter.  He pulled out his guitar and sang;

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

It was so romantic and sweet and tender and poignant and thoughtful.  I wish the entire school could have been there, but there were just a few and they listened, smiled, and enjoyed the overture of love by an old man to his old wife.

The next fond memory of that song with RAH singing it was in a much more crowded arena.

The setting was a large classroom in Guangdong University in China.  Two of our children were visiting us and we were having a special evening class to have Jeremy and Kristi meet our students.  They each talked about their careers, then sang to the 200 students.  At the end of the evening, RAH sang a few songs, ending with:

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

When he finished singing, he walked to the row where I was seated, bent down and kissed me on the cheek.

What happened next was so totally fun and unexpected.  200 students clasped their hands over their mouths, loud cheers erupted, clapping, and picture snapping....it was just an amazing moment in time.

For you see, in China, where PDA is very rare among old people, it was a moment of sheer JOY to see their reactions.  I still smile/laugh when I think of those students reacting so wildly.

Oh, Elvis, you might have made thousands of women swoon, but RAH has the power to make this old lady still swoon - as well as the students in China...

Allen singing in our apartment in China; this was an FHE with a new convert family.....

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