Gadget Guru

When my father died, as I was going through his THINGS, I was amazed at how many

electronic somethings,
mystery gadgets,

he had in his two offices.

RAH and I could not figure out many of them....they were mysterious in their functions.  Some were smallish, some were larger.  They all required plugs and cords and batteries and instructions; all of which were lying around somewhere in the morass of his office.

But, my dad LOVED gadgets; sadly, as he aged, he couldn't figure out or remember how to use them, but he continued to purchase them anyway.


I love gadgets, office supplies, and more gadgets.  It's ridiculous.  But, when I hear of a new
coming out, I want it!

Nay, I NEED it.

It's a sickness.

And, like an addict, I fight it.

It's not as serious to my health, but it is as serious to my pocketbook.

So, as of this moment, I'll curb those gadget wants and just try to be satisfied with:

 ITouch (3 years old now; practically a dinosaur, but I use it nearly every day when I exercise.)
the 2nd IPad ( over 2 years old, purchased with money from some US bonds my father gave us.  I felt that was very appropriate.)
the mini tablet - it's not an IPad Mini, mind you, which is what I'm hankering for now, but it's a no-nonsense cheap Wal*Mart brand.  Works fairly well, but is getting sluggish.  I use it every day to read books and catch a few BBC television productions from Netflix.)
New IMac computer....a dream to use.  Oh my, this is the penultimate....
Cannon camera (about 6 years old, but I still use it on occasion when I don't use the phone for photos)
Toshiba Laptop (which we took to China; an absolute MUST for that year...now, I only use it for my PAF file for family history.)

SO, as you can see, I'm pretty well set up......

Oh, dad, I would rather have inherited your musical talent instead of your guru gadgetedness!

But, then again, maybe not!

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