Stories from the Street

Gary and Linda were engaged in high school, but he joined the Marines, and she met someone else.  Both married others, had interesting lives for 47 years, and had spouses die.  They reconnected on Classmates.com and married three years ago.  And, they are living happily ever after!  At their 50th class reunion, their friends were so delighted to see that they had gotten together after all those years!

Bro K's wife was diagnosed with lupus when she was 27.  For about 40 years, she was very ill, including being bedridden for the last 5 years of her life.  Bro K was a caring, good care-giver and tried to make her life as pleasant as possible under the trying circumstances.  When he married again, after her death, he and his 2nd wife led a very adventurous life, traveling literally all over the world.  He made an interesting comment recently...he said, "If you have your health, you have FREEDOM!"

L married a soldier serving in the Vietnam War.  When he came home for a 2 week furlough, she became pregnant with her first child.  Two weeks before her son was born, her husband died.  She later married another man, had another son, and he also died - of something relating to mental illness.  She is beautiful and positive - in spite of her tragedies.

I love hearing the stories of real people;

they are inspiring, heartwarming, and as interesting as any movie.

It's good to get acquainted with people.

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