The Men in My Life

Deon and I sat across from each other at the table; she told me her story and it was like something out of a dime-store novel; it all related to the men in her life.

Her husband cheated on her...she got divorced; bitter and ugly.
Her father borrowed money, promising to pay it back; he never did.
Her brother cheated the other 7 siblings out of a portion of the inheritance.
Her boss at BYU took credit for a project in which she did all the work.
Her 2nd husband emptied out her bank account.

So, Deon doesn't trust men.  (I guess it's lucky she had 3 daughters!)

I couldn't help but compare my experiences with Deon's.

And, mine is the very exact opposite.

My father was the very best of men; honest, good, kind.
My husband is a good person; extremely honest and good.
My brothers are the very best of men, like my father.  They are beyond honorable.
My uncles and cousins are good....
My sons-in-law and sons are good men.

Just good men.  Good, good men.

And, that is what this post is about:

My extended family and their goodness; strength of character, integrity, hard work.

These are 3 brothers who are my first cousins on my father's side.  One died a year ago, one died this week.  I cannot even believe it.

But, they are heroes; not in the world's sense, but in the sense that they honor womanhood, are good to their children/grandchildren; worked hard all their lives, were service-oriented, love country and most of all, love GOD.

Oh, they are good; nay, they are GREAT.

Just writing this, I am getting very emotional.

And, I realize how blessed I am to KNOW of the Plan of Salvation...

Oh dear Glendon and Martel, I WILL see you and it will be a grand reunion.

Dr. Laurence Gee, a pediatrician; Martel Gee (deceased), computer specialist; Glendon Gee (deceased), water genius.
All three men have served extensively in the church; both foreign and domestic.  All three are highly educated.  All three have a delightful sense of humour.  Man, was I lucky in the good men department!

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