94 Year Old Pedals Two Miles to Grocery Store and Back

"I've always been so independent," he said. "I drove some ladies to church for twenty years! But, now, to have to rely on others for transportation....it's difficult."

The license had been relinquished. The car put away in the garage.

Every Saturday, the faithful son drove him to the grocery store about two miles away.

But, sometimes, he just wanted to feel independent, free, not bother anyone, just go by himself.

After all, he had lived alone for nine years, since his wife died, taking care of himself, fixing his own meals, keeping the home spotless. He visited others, read, watched favorite programs on tv, went to church.

But, he missed the independence of knowing he could just GO when and where he wanted.

So, never one to whine or complain about his lot in life, he got out his three wheel bicycle, and rode to the grocery store; bought twenty four dollars worth of groceries and rode home.

"I felt FREE!" he said.

You, go, Hubert!


kelli said...

oh, I just love him!

jeremy said...

Loved the post dear mother