True Artist

"They always looked so stern!" my friend and I said as we looked at an early picture of her ancestor.

"Well, they did have hard lives, so maybe they didn't have anything to smile about!"

I have often wondered what those early pioneers were really like; were they always stern and unsmiling as captured in the images, or were they happy and cheerful, in spite of their challenges?

Those thoughts were floating around in my head recently when I read this in a professional photographer's blog:

"My goal for a portrait is to give the viewer a sense of what the subject is like. Not just what they look like, but what they’re like to be around. I love to hear a parent say, “Oh, you’ve captured their personality perfectly”. Making a picture like that takes a certain amount of patience and paying attention to the details. A slight change in expression, a little hand gesture."

Ah, that's just what I mean...what the subject of the photo is really like...this photographer must be a true artiste.

Which he is...check out his site here.

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