New Convert (not a blog on religion)

Beverly told me about it first.

So, I Googled it.

Then, I wanted it: I felt I HAD to have one.

RAH said it seemed like a waste of money, and that good old books would never be replaced.

But, my dear, awesome children went in to get me one for Christmas; I love, love, love it! I mean, what if you are on a long trip out in the middle of the desert in Arizona, and there are no bookstores nearby, and you've just finished the book you have?!?!?

What is one to do then, I ask you?!?!

The answer - download an e-book on your incredible Kindle!!!

Well, that is exactly what I thought and have used it for....

Now, picture this.

RAH and I are in a room visiting relatives; everyone is sleeping - except us - there is no tv, no computer, nothing except my Kindle. RAH - out of boredom - says, "Show me this thing." And, so I show RAH what I use it for; books and looking up words in the dictionary when I read.

Then RAH - always the techno wizard - pokes around and discovers so much more that can be done with this gizmo. Like looking up things on Wikipedia...who knew??!?!?!? RAH also discovers lots of public domain and inexpensive books, like the entire works of Dickens for four dollars!!! Or like buying a book for 99 cents that gives all sorts of short cuts and other uses for this incredible little hand-held device which I adore.

So, then, RAH asks, "Do you think we might need to have TWO Kindles?!?!"

He's converted.

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Mrs. Olsen said...

My husband just went to a business conference of an author (and entrepreneur) who studied 7,000 middle-size companies that eventually "broke-through" to being quite successful. One of the common themes was an environment of constant learning, and being able to adapt to changing markets. He said that the kindle had changed his life and that he reads so much more now, and it has helped foster an active learning environment for him.

So I heard that the kindle will also read to you (like an audio book)...is that also one of the features?