"I don't really understand it, " she said.

"I never forget a birthday or an important event. I know they aren't expensive, elaborate gifts, but with my husband out of work the past few months, it's all we can afford. Yet, they rarely say thanks. It's not the way they were raised," she said. "I always had them write thank you notes. If they would just acknowlege it, even if it's just to say, 'thanks for remembering, mom.' Let's face it...it must be me."

The sadness she felt was evident as I looked at her face and listened to her words.

How often have I been that same way?

I will be better; I will be more grateful - to people, to my Heavenly Father.

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jen said...

This broke my heart. I know I forget to tell you thanks sometimes. It is such a great reminder. In gratitude for your reminder and for your absolutely wonderful blog!