Step This Way, Sir

On a trip a few months ago, RAH was stopped at the Atlanta airport by a security guard. She had looked in his black carry-on bag and wanted to look through it further.
Included in that black bag, was MOST of the gear seen above.
She then made a statement that was something like this:
"I've NEVER seen so much electronic StUfF!"
But, we need it ALL! And, we took it all on a recent trip to Arizona....
So, what is it?
Phone & charger
Extra outlets
Mini Lap top computer w mini mouse
GPS with home and car charger
Digital Key Chain - given by a friend, so I can't leave that home!
Kindle w charger
IPod w eternal speaker and cord for radio speaker
Flash drives
RAH's camera w charger and remote
Loni's camera w charger
Electricity charger for car
External hard drive
Now, I ask you....what could we possibly leave home and do without?

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jen said...

Holy smokes. That is both hilarious and impressive. What techno geeks you are. I wish Sean could see this. My what hip grandparents you are.