A Mother's Prayer

a beautiful word - a beautiful feeling

My prayers are especially pleading for two members of our family who leave this week to establish peace in the world in two totally different ways.

Dr. Robert Jeremy Hackworth heads to Afghanistan Sunday, September 6, to help those brave men and women wounded while fighting for peace in a war-torn country.


Elder Sean David Fisher enters the MTC on Wednesday, Sept 9, headed to Tampa, Florida (Spanish speaking), to find those people searching for the peace and joy the Gospel brings.

I pray for peace for all their family members while Jeremy & Sean are gone,

knowing they are making the world a better place.


jen said...

Mom, this is absolutely beautiful!
Your blog is soooo precious and wonderful.

Libby said...

Our prayers are with them too.

Nat said...

Loni, you are awesome! And so is this post and your family! These two men ARE making the world a better place. How blessed you are to be the proud mother and grandmother.

Mrs. Olsen said...

well said. My prayers are with your Hackworth offshoots going out into the big bad world.