The Toddler

She used to follow me around - constantly.

But, then, she was just a toddler. And, that's what toddlers do!

I remember the time I locked myself in the bathroom...
just for a few minutes' respite...just to be by myself, if only for a moment.

When I came out, there she was - asleep on the bedroom floor, right by the bathroom door. Just typing these words brings back the memory - and the GUILT. She had on a little red jumpsuit and seeing her lying there on the floor, waiting for me filled me with GUILT and sorrow.

So, this week, Jeanine and her two boys have been staying here. Haven is two and a half, and he has been following me around this week. If I go outside, he goes outside, if I go to the back bedroom, he follows me back there.

It's okay. I understand. And, it is just for a short time. And, his mother is here to fill his needs. He is a wonderful little child.

But, I'm remembering a time - many years ago - when I locked the bathroom door to hide - to get away.

I don't like remembering that about me.

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jeremy said...

I find the story endearing.