From the Files of Visiting Teachers; Near and Far

What's not to like about the visiting teaching program....and, I've had some really great VT over the years.

Here's a fun, lighter look at visiting teaching by people who have some interesting memories.

"Shay was a convert to the church...she was a saint in every way...good, pure-hearted, gentle. How I loved that woman! Her companion, Lisa, was young, spunky and very outspoken.

During one lesson, the subject turned to the church's welfare system. Lisa said, 'yeah, I remember working on the church's tobacco farm when I was growing up.' Shay immediately spoke up, 'the church doesn't own tobacco farms.' Lisa responded with, 'well, they don't now, but they used to.'

Shay - the convert - could not and would not believe this. Lisa became irate stating in her distinct southern accent, 'I think I would know. I'm from the south, I worked the rows of tobacco as a girl growing up, you didn't!' The sparks were flying, the discussion heated. I sat there that day sort of in a fog, not knowing what to do. I changed the subject, but those two would not give up the discussion. Finally, I had to call a truce, say some parting words, and practically shove them out the door. But, as I closed the door, I heard them still going at it on our front porch.

Something happened to the spirit that day!" MS

"I was a visiting teacher to the wife of very prominent leader in the church. She was often hard to catch at home, and didn't always return our calls.

One afternoon, I had baked some cookies for our visiting teaching families. When we knocked on Sister....'s door, no one answered. I wanted to leave those cookies that were fresh and tasty. As we stood by her front door ringing the doorbell with no response, her cat came up to me and started meowing, like she wanted in also.

So, I just opened the door to let the cat in, and to put the cookies down. As I opened the front door, there was Sister..... reclining on the couch with a book. As the cat went in, and as I put the cookies on the floor, she sat there looking straight at me without saying one word.

Neither of us ever mentioned that day.

She has since moved, her husband is very important in the church, but I hope she liked the cookies." KP

"I had just had our fifth baby. I was feeling totally overwhelmed with church, family, home, kids/their issues, etc. On this particular morning, I wrapped up baby MJ in his little blue baby blanket and headed over to Sister LP's home. She was the wife of a prominent doctor in town, and a very classy, good person. She invited us in as she sat down on her couch, which had no food or drink spots. I glanced around the room - there were no toys scattered everywhere; everything was neat, tidy, orderly. Beside her on the couch was a book which she had been reading. And, next to the couch on the coffee table was a bowl of chocolate bridge mix. I stared at that candy for a long time, thinking about how long it would last in our home...maybe 2 minutes.

Her life seemed so perfect, serene, calm, tranquil, when stacked up next to my noisy, cluttered life and home.

Many, many years have passed.

Recently, in a See's chocolate store, I was offered a sample of bridge mix. I immediately pictured that long ago morning in Sister LP's immaculate front room looking at her bowl of chocolate. I smiled remembering those feelings of longing for the peace and serenity of her life.

Now, I sit on the couch, a book beside me, a bowl of chocolate close by, when the visiting teachers come over with their little kids, telling me how incredibly busy their lives are with their young families.

AHH, the cycle of life, it's wonderful." VT

Yes, I do love visiting teaching, with all its inherent memories, foibles, and great moments.


Lauralee said...

Oh how I adore your stories! They come to life through your telling.

And, I too, love visiting teaching. My RS President sez she wants us (Kathy & I are partners) to take on an additional 12 hard-to-reach sisters each month, on top of our usuals - because we have such fun with out VT!

However, that is one of the beauties of being retired, we could do it. I think she must have been kidding as we haven't gotten a new list lately.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Excuse me? I want a follow-up to the tobacco story. I'm not being "Lisa" here, but I'm totally curious!