A Tale of Two Donnas

Donna B.
She is the most conservative spender I have ever known (except her father). She is the queen of grocery bargains; bargains just seem to rise up and greet her in every store. She's not interested in clothes, home fashions, name brands mean absolutely nothing to her. But, she is interested in good bargains on EVERYTHING she purchases. She shops thrift stores if she is compelled to buy clothes, etc. And, she always looks great. Even if she married the wealthiest man on the planet, she would not change her habit of looking for and finding a fabulous bargain. And, of not being interested in buying stuff. One of her most endearing traits is that she is very content with her life - she doesn't need things, just family.

That's just who she is.

Donna C.
She is the epitome of conspicuous consumption. Sunglasses are needed when sitting by her in church to keep the glare off her diamond and other jewelry. She is a fairly large woman, but dresses very stylishly and fashionably with her clothes coming from high end stores. Her home and yard are immaculate and reflect very up-to-date trends. She and her husband have toys; camper, ATVs, pool, fancy cars, trips. She likes nice things and buying stuff.

That's just who she is.

BUT, the differences stop there. Because you see, both Donnas are strong members of their faith. They will be found sitting each Sunday in their favorite pew, listening, commenting. Donna B serves in the Young Women and loves camp, treks, etc. Donna C has been an institute instructor; her knowledge of the scriptures is astounding!

Yes, they are different in their lifestyles, but not in their religion.

And, that's just who they are!

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Lauralee said...

It takes a boatload of unique individuals to make a great Ward (World). I love the diversity, the personality, and the differences of opinion in each one. They make my world go 'round.