Going Green

To most people, going green means environmental stuff, but to MOI, it means drinking Amber's delicioso spinach drink each morning. (Thanks, Amber, for the recipe and idea to get a daily dose of salad in such a tasty form.)

It's hard to see, but there's also a banana hiding in that drink. Also, lately, I have been adding a little cranberry juice to the mix or some canned fruit that we are trying to eat up.

Tasty, nutritious, gotta love that goin' green!


kelli said...

So, what's all in it?

Lauralee said...

I have a smoothie every morning with a scoop of protein powder and 1/2 a packet of "Greens-to-Go" as well as some lovely fruit. It even feels healthy going down.


Mrs. Olsen said...

Yay! I just finished my morning drink.

Kelli, the recipe is:
1 cup OJ
1 med. banana
handful of spinach greens
3-4 ice cubes
and a touch of vanilla if you're so inclined.