The Great Escape

"It was about twenty years ago.

My husband and I were not getting along at all.

Our three teen-age boys were in trouble in: school, seminary, personal lives, etc.

I had just started the job from Hell; going to work each day was miserable.

So, I used to fantazise about getting in my little car and just driving away to live in Southern California. I would live by the beach, not tell anyone where I was, and maybe, just maybe, I would go to church.

Now, all these years later, my boys - or men - partly because of the economy, and partly because of unwise choices, are in trouble again with:

finances/house reposessions/
job/job losses
divorce/marital problems

And, the vision of running away has returned.

And, that is why I turned in my mission papers a couple of weeks ago."

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Lauralee said...

Hey TL, what a great decision! I hope you get an awesome call to somewhere magical. (Like my friend who just got called to serve in the Mission Office in Milan, Italy!) Your life is taking a turn for the better!