St, George, You've Let Me Down; twice now

Two weeks ago, we tended our two grandsons for several days. We had been having nice warm sunny days.

BIG PLANS: picnics, water park downtown, neighborhood park.

PLANS DASHED: bad weather! Cold and windy.

Beautiful weather ensued the day after they left. Gorgeous weather for several days.......

Now, California son just returned from being out of the country for a long time...comes to visit with his three sons.

BIG PLANS: picnics, hikes, water park, outside fun

PLANS DASHED; bad weather! windy, cold, possible rain.

How can this be? It's sunny and warm so often, just not when the grandsons are here....

St. George, I usually love you, but I'm mad at you now!

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Lauralee said...

What a total double cross! No doubt there will still be lotza fun, just a different kind.