Truth Can Be Stranger Than Fiction

Divorce; sometimes amicable, but not in this case in the deep south...

Father wins custody of three small boys. But works 50-60 hours a week, leaving boys, ages 6, 4, 2 1/2, unsupervised for many hours alone to fend for themselves.

Mother of boys and grandmother go to home....take boys to grandparents' home.

Father comes home - no boys. Angry, goes to home of former in-laws.

Argues with grandfather; violence ensues with grandfather shooting father of three boys in self defense.

Mother of boys tries, but her life is so mixed up, she cannot raise three boys; put in foster care. In desperation, she takes little boy - age 3 - and leaves him on steps of hospital in hopes he will find better life.

Hospital locates mother's sister. Aunt of 3 yr old had had a child die, was delighted to take in sister's child to raise him with her other 2 children.

Boy raised by LDS convert aunt, but refers to her as mother.

Boy - turned man - is kind; humble; good, good person; sports lover; hard worker; gentle; pleasant demeanor and disposition .

And is the bishop now!

I love it when people triumph over adversity and circumstances and are able to lead fulfilled, productive lives.

Bishop, you inspire!


Lauralee said...

But wait, I need to hear more. What happened to the other two brothers?

Mrs. Olsen said...

Is this your current bishop? He's like a modern day Joseph triumphing over bad bad circumstances. Awesome!