It just always seems so futile!

We arrived at ten to eight; there was already a man waiting outside by the front door...by 8:15, three more men were there...wanting jobs and help from the transient bishop.

By nine a.m., I just wanted to go home.  My heart was broken...it just seems so futile and hopeless.

And, I feel so helpless.

Today, I helped a lady for two hours work on - what should have been a very simple - online job application at Pizza Hut.  She kept getting more and more angry and frustrated.

When she finally finished, she said in despair, "They won't even call me anyway!"  Oh, that made me upset.  Do they have any idea how long or how hard these people work on their applications?

Here's a positive thing that happened today.  Gordon Lyle's brother was serving a free elk dinner to all the DI and LDS Employment Center people...he has done it for four years.  What a very generous thing to do....

I'm tired.  But, I'm warm and I have food.  And, I have no bed bugs.  And, I have people around me who care.

I'm grateful.

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