On My High Horse

So, MK told me he challenged his entire family to eat a POUND of vegetables a day.

I was aghast...a POUND of vegetables every day?

But, he explained why, the reasoning, the philosophy, etc.

So, I have been thinking about food and its effects.  I don't like what I have floating around in my head.

Because I just don't know, truthfully, how much difference what we eat really makes...

to our health, our longevity, our quality of life.

My neighbors smoked for 60 years - they gave it up a year ago - and they drink vodka every night.  They are in their late 70's, look like they've lead a hard life, but they are in good health.

My cousin,  a strict adherent to the word of wisdom his entire life, has incurable cancer.

My friend never eats sweets, eats sparingly, exercises, eats very very little meat or carbohydrates, and looks like a beached whale.

A friend's father died in his mid 50's even though he was trying to be wise about his health.

So, for me, I just don't get it.  I try to eat somewhat healthy, but I eat WAY TOO MANY SWEETS, CARBS, AND FATS.

However, I don't see it having an adverse effect on my health right now.

So, for right now at least, I'll keep the salt shaker on hand and the See's chocolates on my night stand.

Thanks...glad that's off my chest.

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