The Beatles: Who Are They?

Ha!  It's a new generation.

Today, I taught a workshop class at the Employment Center.  A 50ish gentleman told how he learned to play the guitar as a very young boy and he loved music by the Beatles.  Just for fun, I asked a 20 year old in the class if she knew who the Beatles were...

"I think I've heard of them," she responded.

In the class were:
J - recovered and sober for over one year; he hated school, dropped out, then had a change of heart and is enrolled at Dixie State College...looking for a part-time job.

R - 50; life-long musician, homeless and needing work badly.

C- a home-health care nurse...she takes care of an elderly couple, but they don't pay her; just provide her room  and board.  She needs an additional part-time job for money.

B - 20ish hardowrking kid who fixed his father's ATV at age 13.  Wants to be a mechanic.

S- 20 year old who decided she had to get out from her family's negative influence...works at DI and wants to find a good job in auto mechanics.

T - 20 year old working at DI who also wants to work as an auto mechanic; he has a small engine certification.

Wonderful people; all.

Let's pray there is a job out there for them all!

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