Book Lovers Are Few....

Apparently that is so, according to a paragraph I just read in a new book called:

Sixpence House

which tells about a family who moved from San Francisco to a small village of 1500 inhabitants in England that had forty used book stores...

Here's what the author, Paul Collins, wrote in one of the first few pages:

"A recent survey found that half of American households did not buy a single book in the previous year.  I knew this statistically, even as I toured my neighbors' houses.  And I knew it viscerally when our real estate agent looked around our own flat and said,

'You have too many books in here.  Home buyers don't like books.'"

He saw my expression, and shrugged helplessly.  'Really.  You should hide them.'"

HIDE YOUR OWN BOOKS TO SELL A HOME?!?!??!?!?!??!?  Totally ridiculous.

I have on my desk a mug given to my by my dear daughter, Kristi.  It says:

I cannot live without books 

by Thomas Jefferson.

Those would be my sentiments exactly.

Ha!  What a creative way to shelve books - by color - in a rainbow, no less!

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