Monday Mission Files - a Lesson in Finances

He stood by the bulletin board looking over the job possibilities.  He had on a plaid polo shirt and didn't look like the kind of person we normally get searching for a job.  Since the computers were - and will be - all down, I asked if I could help him and what sort of job he was looking for.

We chatted for awhile and he told me his story; at least his side of the story.

Over his career, he had had an unusual job of buying mines that were in financial trouble...he would then sell off all the equipment and sell the mining property to the government who would pay top dollar.  (I don't really understand all the details and I'm not sure about it all.)

He made millions of dollars, but his wife spent even more.  (How does a woman living in St George, Utah spend millions of dollars?!?!?!??!)  At any rate, the money came to a screeching halt - as did his marriage.  It was only while in the process of going through the divorce, that he discovered just how much his ex-wife was spending....he was appalled and shocked.  He had never paid any attention to the bills or the accounting of his finances.

This was actually the 2nd time in three days that a man has told me this:

the man made truck loads of money, but the wife spent trainloads of money.  And both marriages ended in divorce, although everyone involved were Mormons.

I am often amazed and intrigued by the stories of money.  Money can be such a divider of families, lives, friends.

I often think of Allen's father who lived on practically nothing....he totally lived off his social security which amounted to about $400.00 a month.  He believed in paying cash, paying his bills, and living within his means.  But, he also had something that few people do; he was CONTENT with his life just the way it was.  What an inspiration!

Ah, Mondays....always interesting.

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