Breakfast with the Hackworths!

For about a year, we've been having green smoothies on a pretty regular basis; (Carisa was the inspiration and got me started again after visiting in SO CAL a year ago.)

Then, recently, our daughter Dr. Fish recommended we watch Hungry for Change. Which we did.

So, that inspired RAH to step up the smoothies a notch.  Which he did.

He combined blending and juicing.....wow, healthy food headed its way to our innards!

Included in this morning's drinks were: celery, lemons, strawberries, kale, parsley, broccoli, green pepper, carrots, apples.

It doesn't win the "best taste of the year award," but he says he'll keep working and refining it.
And, as I say, lots of healthy stuff headed to our liver and colon, arteries, tissues, stomachs, and brains.

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