Valentine's Dinner at the Fisher Home!

The table was set....

And, yes, those are REAL roses....given to Jenni by her thoughtful husband, Brent!

everything looked so incredibly lovely.

We teased Jenni about putting the arrow tip on backwards, ha! ha! nevertheless, it all looked so Valentiney.

 The menu was better than anything in any restaurant:
steak; tender, tasty
potato salad; a winner every time
french bread; crispy with a great flavor
baked cauliflower; oh, my goodness, what can I say about that cauliflower?  oh - yes - DIVINE!

Then, as if that weren't all deeelicious enough, here came the chocolate mousse...(others put raspberries on top which added to the colorfulness.)

What a meal!

Jenni, your restaurant is my absolute favorite - every time!

Thank you, my dear daughter.

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Ms. Fish said...

Thank you so much, mom. And thanks for documenting this so well. So glad you were there to share it with us. I cherish the moments we get to have together. Good days don't always last!