Potato Chip Afficianado

There's always a huge debate about which tastes better:
Coke or Pepsi
What I don't get is why more people aren't arguing the taste between:

Ruffles or Lay's
Potato Chips

Well, maybe it's because there is no contest:
LAYS is the clear winner...
Ruffles may have Ridges, but they have NO TASTE.
So, LAYS, if you are looking for a spokesperson, I'm it!

Holy Cow, the jokes on me! I just learned that they are made by the very SAME company....oops, but they still taste different, and I'm sticking with Lay's!


Lauralee said...

I don't drink Coke or Pepsi, ever.
I don't eat potato chips, ever.
I guess this post wasn't meant for me at all.

Mrs. Olsen said...

How bout throwing some love to salt and vinegar Lay's chips? Mmmm...have you tried them?