What's that Again?!?!?

Last year, after Christmas, over two hundred billion dollars worth of gifts were returned.

In a survey of Americans taken by a university financial department on the day after Christmas, 92 per cent of Americans said they were UNHAPPY with their gifts.

So, what is going on here?

Are we too spoiled?

Are we too greedy?

Are we dissatisfied in general with our lives?

I reread a book this season of early pioneers who had little or nothing on Christmas mornings, but were grateful for life, meager supply of food, whatever little they had; they were thankful.

Just let me say right now: I appreciate the amazing goodness and generosity of family and friends. The outpouring of such thoughtful gifts leaves me feeling overwhelmed with gratitude.

Now, do I have to have my receipt to return that ugly robe I don't want?

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Mrs. Olsen said...

Greedy and spoiled yes? On a similar note, a international journalist recently studied which country had the happiest people...Iceland and Denmark were high on the list. He wrote a book. Maybe something you would be interested in...?