To all our dear family and friends:

Thank you for making this a joyous and rich Christmas season. Your gifts and well-wishes inspired and touched me.

From the surprise box of Dave Barry books from Lauralee (college roommate from 45 years ago), to the delectable box of chocolates from Jonathan; from the candle from Sylvia to the stamps from Beverly. I love the beautiful family tree necklace from Kristi; it has such special meaning to MOI. RAH thought I'd be disappointed in the back-up thingie he gave, but it is perfect; now I don't have to worry about my picture and paper files any more.

While this represents just a few of the gifts...

ALL of your gifts represent such thoughtfulness and love...thank you.

The many cards and letters remind me how richly blessed RAH and I have been over the years with many, many good friends and incredible family. My brothers' Christmas letters are gems and make me laugh out loud each year. To the nieces and nephews who think of us; thank you, you are such dears for remembering us.

Our neighbors have made us gain at least twenty pounds with their good cooking, their thoughtfulness, their shower of generosity, such as home-made tamales for Christmas day.

While putting away each ornament and decoration, I remember what it's really all about. The friends, the family, the neighbors, the gifts, the cards; it's all good.

But, thank you Heavenly Father for the greatest gift of all:

Your Son and Eternal Life.

It seems small indeed to say it, but here it is; heartfelt and humbly:



Lauralee said...

Do you figure out that my blog about my Post Office debacle was about your package being sent in time for Christmas? Glad to hear that it made it safe and sound.

Just a lovely post, we all have so much love flowing toward us. Indeed we are richly blessed.

Lauralee said...

Oh, and I'm glad you liked the books. Thanks for the shout-out!