Red Face - Again!

"Loni, in all our moving, I lost the check," JRG said when she arrived at our home a few months ago. I had given her a small check to buy herself a little gift after the birth of her 2nd son.

"It's okay," I said, while thinking to myself....how do you lose a check? You put it in a safe place and when you want to cash it, you just get it from the place you put it.....

Fast forward three months.

Check arrives for RAH's birthday. I put it in safe place.

Time to cash it....it can't be found- ANYWHERE!

I look in:

pockets of all pants, coats, jackets worn in the last five years.

MOI's desk drawers where I usually keep important items.

RAH's desk.

waste receptacle bins.

purses, including ones located in DI pile.

under beds, inside all books read within the last six months, car, car again, under front door floor mat,
refrigerator - (you just never know), Primary materials, scriptures, couch cushions, washer, dryer, call neighbors (Did you see a check floating around our home when you were here last night?), in box of chocolates (in case I was distracted by the lure of food while trying to put it away)...

I have searched everywhere


Now, I must make the call, "HH, in all my busyness, I lost the check."

So, once again, I learn the lesson: DON"T JUDGE!

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Lauralee said...

Just proves you are human afterall! Very funny how often we learn lessons by being slapped in the face. Oh, did you ever find the check?