The Twins

She was my visiting teaching companion 21 years ago. She was an inspiration to me.

Then, her husband retired, and she moved away. We kept in touch, minimally. One Sunday, RAH and I walked into a sacrament meeting in Lake Havasu, and she was sitting in the back row. We talked after church, it was fun to catch up, then we both went our separate ways.

RAH and I were serving a mission in St. George, Ut. After prayer meeting, in the first week, one of the volunteers said, "My twin sister used to live in Rexburg, you wouldn't happen to know PH, would you?" I started to laugh, "we were visiting teaching companions lots of years ago."

And, now PH lives here in the winter and TR lives here full-time. So, sometimes the six of us get together in this small world. And, it's always a good time.
The former friend with the new friend...how great is that?

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Lauralee said...

Good friends are a treasure to us all. How wonderful you've been able to get caught up after all those years. Your circle of friends just got wider!