Unpacking the Memories


First, their daughter died earlier this year of swine flu, then their entire home burned down. You can read about the tragedy here:

But, they all did get out alive. Great, great blessing.

There will, no doubt, be an account set up to help them get new Christmas toys, and other 'things.' As there should be.

Maybe people will say to them..."You can replace THINGS." And, those people will be very right.

But, some things seem so irreplaceable, and I am reminded of that each Christmas season as I unpack the boxes. Oh, so many things given by family and friends over the years. How, do I ever replace those things?

I know that things are replaceable. I know that someday we will not need those things.

But, for now, while I can, I will enjoy these things which have really become TREASURES. Some of these represent hours and hours of home-made labours of love....how do you replace that?

So, here in no certain order is just a small sampling of those things which I unpack each year and are now treasures:


Lauralee said...

Lucky you - you are well loved!

Nat said...

Deloris started me collecting nutcrackers. I have close to 70. I love them. And Christmas. And unpacking my boxes. You have many, many keepsakes that are precious to you and bring back many memories I am sure.

Mrs. Olsen said...

How cute. You are the perfect stage in your life to pick up more nativity finds in exotic places. Ooh-la-la!

By the way, are you getting a king size bed for Christmas?