Another One Bites the Dust

Aha, you might be thinking I am talking about:

A year

or possibly

A Decade

It's true, those have now gone by the wayside (or at least will be gone in a few short hours),

But, no, I am talking something much more serious here:

I've been searching the shelves for a long time now, and couldn't find it...and today, I searched the Internet looking, hoping, beseeching, yearning; but to no avail.

It's gone.

Why do so many things from my memory (and food bank) fade into oblivion.

Is there a place to vote on these things?

Sorry, Nabisco Zwieback, I loved you; your crisp sweetness. I bought them for babies, and sneaked them for myself. And, now, no more sneaking.

You're GONE, but, I will quickly add - NOT FORGOTTEN!

1 comment:

Lauralee said...

My goodness, I had no idea Zwieback biscuits were no longer made. I haven't thought of them in years - I guess others haven't either. Now they are no more than a memory.