It Comes in Threes...

..so they say.

So, here were our three, plus a fourth that RAH reminded me of...within 2 months time.

1.  The washing machine went out.  We had to buy a new one.  The broken one had been bought in 2002 when we had moved into a brand new home in Rexburg, Idaho.  11 years seems way too short for a washing machine to work; they used to work for 25 years.  Not so any more...the salesman said they last from 3-5 years....incredible, so we forked over $400 for the least expensive machine we could find.  It's basic; no frills....just a simple washing machine.

2.  The water in our shower froze; it has been one of the coldest winters on record; cold, cold, cold; unrelenting cold that didn't get above freezing.  So, in sprite of running the water, that one line froze.  We will be putting extra insulation in our attic so it hopefully won't happen again.  Allen COULD possibly fix it.  But, we will hire someone and it will cost us $250.00

3.  The battery in our car went dead....totally would not keep a charge; draining problem, the mechanic said.  The car is about 18 months old!  It SHOULD NOT have battery problems at all.
Cost to us $110.00

and as a bonus; our kitchen sink faucet broke...we limped along for awhile, but finally gave in and had to buy a new one.  $250.00

Okay, so stop the madness!

Time now to quit shelling out on home/car repairs and try to get back in the saving mode.

Yes, it's time for the three good things to kick in now.

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Lauralee said...

I'm surprised your car battery was not under warranty. It should have lasted at least five years. Then maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about.