Never Too Old...

to be read to!

Every week I visit Sylvia; she's such a dear.  Her life is lived 98% of the time within the four very tiny walls of her little room at the nursing home; she's much too young to be incarcerated there, but that is her life.

Sylvia finds it difficult to talk because of her jaw pain.

And, we run out of things to say.

So, a few weeks ago, I had an inspired idea.


I kept forgetting to take my book to our weekly visits, but yesterday, I remembered.

and I took this lovely little Christmas book to read to Sylvia:

Sylvia thoroughly enjoyed the short little story of the trees and their dreams and how they come true in a very surprising way.

So, I'll do it again; read a picture book each week I go.

I have a lot of delightful picture books.

Everyone enjoys a good story.

Oh, yes, that was an inspired idea...thank you, Heavenly Father.

We'll BOTH enjoy this reading time together!

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