The Trouble With Being...

an early riser is that


4:00 a.m....gotta call Janessa to see if I gave her her mother's Christmas present!  But, she won't be up for another 6 hours!  I need to KNOW NOW!

4:30 a.m....gotta call the dentist for this toothache!  But, his office won't be open for another 4 hours! YIKES!

5:00 a.m....gotta call the bank to see about that accounting error!  But, they won't be open for another 4 hours!

Gotta call to make visiting teaching appointments...no one is up...

Gotta call to cancel the subscription...Not open...

Gotta run to the dollar store to get....not open.....

And, on and on.

NOTHING can be done.

NO ONE and NOTHING is open.

I need to sleep late like the rest of the world!

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