The Cycle of Life

Growing up, lots of people came to visit and stay at my parents' home....

I loved it; I didn't have to do all the work, so why wouldn't I have liked it?

Cousins, aunts, uncles, distant relatives...people LOVED to stay at the Gee revolving door hotel..

And, why not?  Mom always made them an incredible breakfast:

French toast, scrambled eggs, hash browns, toast, juice, milk, hot chocolate, bacon, ham.  It was like a Chuck-a-Rama buffet; only better!

She always had plenty of ice cream, pie, cakes, cookies, snacks, nuts, etc. for the evening when they arrived.

And, if they stayed long enough, she provided other nutritious delicious meals.

Fast forward to MOI:

I love to have relatives/friends stay.  And, they do drop by and spend a night or two, which I am delighted about.

But, I'm definitely not my mom.  Oh, I'll fix waffles or pancakes - if they want.

I have a few snacks - if they want.

But, here's where we are alike:

 I am glad our relatives feel comfortable staying in our home.  And, that we have room for them to stay.

That is a great blessing.

Hyrum getting his shoes on as he leaves on Monday morning.  This kid just melts my heart.  I love his little face, his unique voice and the sheer delight he gets out of books!  Okay, I'll steal him for a week or two!

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