Wrapping It All Up!

...in service to others;

The local radio station plays Santa to hundreds of kids each year.  They try to make sure every child has a Christmas, while also trying to ensure that the system is not taken advantage of....

This year, I helped wrap presents; it was AWESOME!

And, I loved being a very small part of this incredible, HUGE project:

Each person was given a plastic bag with toys and clothes in it.  We would wrap each item, label it for the child - or children.

There were 110 tables set up, and at one point, the lady announced on the loudspeaker that more people were coming who wanted to help wrap, so could we move over and let others get at our table?

So, at some tables there were 2 or 3 people wrapping; it was an enormous job to wrap gifts for 1200 kids.  But, it was so well organized; it blew me away.

Most of all, however, it inspired me...so many good good people donating time and money.

Tonight 50 Santas will deliver presents to 468 families in the county.

And 1200 children will believe in the MAGIC of CHRISTMAS!

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